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I also like to express how grateful I am to have found you... What you created in regards to my website absolutely captures my philosophy and style. I get regular compliments from new patients about the website, as well as from peers and friends.

- Janet Volpe, MD

You do great work and you're fast and responsive. That's hard to find!

Kathleen Taylor, Kathleen Taylor Studios

Lisa was amazing to work with and created a beautiful website for The Treasure Hutch.  After a simple short conversation about what I was after…Lisa somehow was able to get inside my head and produce EXACTLY what I had pictured… and even better than anticipated.  I say…for sure.. hire Lisa as she is professional, creative, artistic, and might I go so far as to say, pure genius! Lol…. Thanks Lisa, you have been a pleasure to work with.

Grace Hutchinson, Treasure Hutch Owner

In fact, you have done everything I wanted, and did it intuitively when I was unable to articulate it.
WOW again.  I am SO happy!!!!  Thank you!!!!!!

-Simmie Issenberg Watoto World

"San Francisco’s Lisa Erickson is a Wix Pro who helps other Wix users design their websites. She’s an active member of the Wix Arena, a virtual community marketplace where people can hire freelance designers to help them create or redesign their Wix sites. When it comes to web design, Lisa has strong opinions and great tips for creating a powerful online presence."

Official Wix blog

Thanks SO much for all that you've done for us! We're getting so many compliments on the new site. We're looking very stylish now!


-Julie Janata,Alliance of Women Directors

Thank you for everything that you have done! It was such a pleasure working with you and hopefully we can do some more work in the future.


-Angela MartinAngela, Martin Jewelry Design

“It has always been a pleasure working with Lisa Erickson. In addition to being a  talented designer she is an extraordinary listener who has the unique ability to understand her clients vision and needs. She takes direction well and is a team player. Her personal design sensibility is thoughtful, elegant and fresh. She is always our first choice for any design project!” 


Heidi Gerpheidie, California Homes Magazine

Lisa was a pleasure to work with. I got everything I wanted... and more. I came in with ideas of how I wanted it and she not only delivered that, but she suggested elements I hadn't known were options. As a result, my project came out more original and professional than I could have ever dreamed of. She has limitless creativity, a youthful and modern (but experienced and rich) sensibility, and is business-minded.

-Julie Hartman, PhD
Mindful Resource Center

(please note: site is now client managed)

I hired Lisa to build the John Dau Foundation website for me, a foundation I hold close to my heart. Lisa did an outstanding job with patience, quality and ..I feel I could trust her with anything! Lisa is also a Wix Pro and I manage the Wix Lounge in San Francisco. I constantly recommend her to our Wix users as she is the best in the bay- and beyond!


-Meredith Nevard, John Dau Foundation

(please note: site is now client managed)

“I just checked in on the draft site and image selection site and... it almost made me cry... :) in a good way. It looks wonderful so far! I'm so happy I found you and that we are able to work together.”
“I just realized we completed this project in 2 weeks! I worked for months with the other designer. OMG! It has been wonderful and I’m even a little sad we’re complete. I really have enjoyed working with you. Thank you so much!” 

-Kelsi McMartin (note: site is now retired due to company changes)

"Hello, Speedy. I love the changes. Thanks so much for your work."

-Kathleen Taylor, Kathleen Taylor Studio

(please note: site is now client managed)

"It was a pleasure working with Lisa from start to finish. She listened to my 
not-very-clear ideas of what I wanted and came back with a number of design concepts - one of which was just perfect for my needs!"

-Frankie Kimm, Food blogger and jewelry maker

“Lisa, I'm over the moon with this. Thank you so much!"

-Russ Gold, Drum performer and teacher 


I was extremely fortunate to have worked with Lisa Erickson at Urban Chateau. Not only does she possess a passion and knowledge of fine antiques but she has the skills and expertise of a graphic designer. We collaborated on various projects: two exquisite catalogs of inventory, various advertisements and an article about the owner of Urban Chateau's Nob Hill residence. Lisa always knew how to interpret the physical world to print. We have continued our professional relationship; she created business cards for my blog Porcelains and Peacocks. When ever I hand my card to someone they always remark on how beautiful it is and how well it suits me. Thank you Lisa!

-Kendra Boutell Editor and Blogger

Aren’t they pretty?  I love them!  Thank you so much for your wonderful work; I’m very happy with the results.  Cheers, Dana


-Dana Baur, Vocalist and Voice over artist

“Thank you, for the latest wave of edits... looking good. i am excited, and like your work.”  

-Afreen Wahab, Chef

“Many, many thanks for your hard work at all hours to come up with something to fit all the parameters...concept, content, tech, graphics, marrying two businesses, Showcase demands, and on and on. You have done a fantastic job.” 

-Rhonda Shipley,founder of Studiolo

"I have been showing my beautiful and unique calling cards to my various friends and they are a hit!"         

- Eva Monroe

"WOW!  You are really dedicated.  I wanted to have flash at first and I hired a "expert" from a bid-a-job type websites. Got taken! The time lost and the money of course.  So you're a nice change of pace.  All in all I'm impressed with your ideas and creativity."  

-Jay Eickemeyer, Memories Online (site is now retired)

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