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We start with a quick chat or design questionnaire form. Listening and asking questions is how I learn more about your business goals and design preferences. Inspiration, deadlines and specific needs are discussed to understand the scope of the project.


If we are a good fit, I will create a custom estimate for your project (see rough pricing here), using the information gleaned from our chat/the questionairre form.  Once the estimate is approved I send an invoice including terms, conditions, and prospective timing.

50% Deposit

Payment via Paypal, By Check or by Bank Transfer. Once the deposit is received the project can be officially scheduled in my design calendar.

Discovery and Idea Generation

I take pride in getting to know my clients: where they are now, where they want to be, what they like, and sometimes equally important what they do not like.

While the client gathers content - text, images, and video, I examine all past and present branding. At this point, I can also source images if desired. 

When getting to know a client, I sometimes feel like an optometrist, "Choice A or Choice B?".  

First Looks

Now is the time to touch base and see how the ideas are working. I reach out to you with an example of the concept so far.


For a website project this is usually the homepage or the most complicated page, setting the layout and tone for the entire site. Color scheme, font styles and keystone imagery. For a logo project this is usually 2 concepts, but if the logo has an symbol component we usually do two first looks - one for the graphic and on for font choices. For a print project the first look is usually a section or portion of the project with the content applied (for example, one business card front and back / two pages of a catalog with images, titles, captions, descriptions, page numbers, etc).

Your feedback at this point is essential. I encourage clear communication, honesty, and constructive criticism. I am here to help YOU create YOUR image and therefore deeply value your input and feedback. I believe you should never feel sheepish expressing your opinion on your project. But please be specific - comments regarding why you do or do not like something are crucial to helping me find a design that fits.

If the first look didn't work out, I gather your (very specific) feedback and draft another concept. Most projects allow up to 2 redesigns if determined at this stage of the project (redesigns later in the process are more time intensive), but can vary per estimate.

Refinement + Implimentation

Once the design is on track and the concept is approved, I button down the details. Spacing, color tweaks, laying out subsequent pages. 

For a print project this usually means adding additional content (in the case of company business cards) or finishing the layout (in the case of a catalog or pdf).


For a website project this is when I apply the approved design to the subsequent pages, styling the rest of the text and adding images. Forms, adding video, lists, blogs, apps, newsletter subscriptions, social media integration and SEO input usually happen at this point. 

Feedback + Revisions

Now is the time to take a deep look and find anything else that needs to be polished. Look at the branding and content on all the pages. Reread all your text, review each image, have a trusted friend take a look. Please collect your comments and send them to me as a list. Most estimates include 3 waves of revisions - small tweaks and trims - at this point of the project.

Final Approval

Once the client is happy with the design and all revisions are finished, the project is considered approved. This is your sign off on the project.

Balance Due

At this point the remaining balance is due, to be paid via Paypal, By Check or by Bank Transfer.

Launch, Baby!

For a website project, this means hooking up domain/configuring DNS, MX records, and activating the SEO using the Wix SEO Wizard. 

For a print project, it usually means releasing the files or working with the printer (example: business cards, Tshirt design).

Post Launch

Once the website is launched I offer a walkthrough to teach my clients how to make targeted changes. Many of my clients successfully update sections of their websites, such as events, blogs, images or new projects in a portfolio. They often reach back out to me to add new services, new pages or new sections (which I then teach them to use).


I offer maintenance and quarterly tune ups, where I make revisions based on google analytics, client engagement and feedback you have received. Ask me about my maintenance and tune up packages. 

A successful website is never finished but is kept fresh by updates, revisions and promotion*

*It doesn't have to be hard or stressful though - I can help to explain and streamline the process (or you can hire me to just do it for you).

Begin with your 15 minute

complimentary consultation

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