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Guapas Mexican Grill
Logomark Exploration

1/04/22 -  Here are the simple circle versions in black and in green.  Plus a rectangular version. Both inspired by the proportions of Chipotle logo.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
1/05/22 update: added version alternates for each: full color, one color (green applied as first choice)


Here are the rectangular versions with stroke around the skull square portion

RECTANGULAR GUAPAS joined with stroke.jpg
RECTANGULAR GUAPAS - full and green.jpg
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12/09/21 -  And finally, the mock-up as window vinyl. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Guapa's Mexican Grill - window vinyl-18.png

12/08/21 -  Revised headband.  Mockup in all green and in black and white. Window knockout version coming. 

Guapa's Mexican Grill -full color 15-16.png
Guapa's Mexican Grill -black-15-17.png
Guapa's Mexican Grill - green-15.png

11/22/21 -  Simplified 6A (remove floral pupils and extra florals from hairband)
Note from Lisa: Per our phonecall, here is the simplified version of 6A. Next steps will be a mockup of how she'd look on a window film with the black eyes/nose as negative space.  I will also work on a one color version (that could be all green or black/white).  More soon!

Version 7A
Guapa's Mexican Grill - 7A-13.png

11/01/21 -  Narrowed the skull, try adding accents to hair, try lighter pink
Note from Lisa: Here are some variations on the hair with a less round skull. 

Version 6A
Guapa's Mexican Grill - hair exploration-14.png
Version 6B
Guapa's Mexican Grill - hair exploration-13.png
Version 6C
Guapa's Mexican Grill - hair exploration-11.png
Version 6D
Guapa's Mexican Grill [Recovered]-11.png

10/26/21 -  Adding back the floral elements and mouth detail + dropping the apostrophe
Note from Lisa: Raffi and I talked phone and text to get feedback on the last wave of revisions. We decided to add back the floral and mouth details that made it look like a sugar skull.  I also removed the apostrophe from the lettering and changed back to the lettering with texture. 

We tried hair with no fill and hair with bright pink, neither of which looked right (see below).  Notes from this session: try to narrow the face, try softer pink, try some accent lines in the hair.

Version 5A
Guapa's Mexican Grill [Recovered]-10.png
Version 5B
Guapa's Mexican Grill [Recovered]-12.png

10/22/21 -  Exploring hair, mouth shape, and eye/nose color.
Note from Lisa: I also updated the text to the solid version (not vintage version).  I'm still not 100% happy with the balance.  This could benefit from some refinement, but wanted to show you where it is at now and get your read.  Shown with black hair and eyes, with no black at all, and as a one color design.

Version 4a
Guapa's Mexican Grill-black hair-07.png
Version 4b
Guapa's Mexican Grill - golden hair-08.png
Version 4c
Guapa's Mexican Grill - one color-09.png

10/15/21 - Introducing Color
Inspiration: fresh, organic, friendly, feminine, healthy, marigolds. Food inspirations: guacamole, tomatillo, lime, radish, watermelon, saffron, mango, Spanish Rice. Shown with possible lettering and also small as a repeating icon.

Version 3
Guapa's Mexican Grill-04-02-05.png
Guapa's Mexican Grill-04-02-05-05.png
Guapa's Mexican Grill-04-02-05-05.png
Guapa's Mexican Grill-04-02-05-05.png
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10/12/21 - Refining the mouth more
Notes from Lisa: Hi there, here are some versions of A and E without the stitches to look at during our call. I have on my list to explore eyelashes and forehead motifs next... 


Guapa's Mexican Grill-03-03.png

10/11/21 - Refining the mouth
Notes from Lisa: Based on the feedback for the first wave, to make the skull more friendly and feminine, I focused on refining mouth options.  Next step I can lay out flower and eyebrow options to complement the winning mouth style.


Context: Here are some versions I researched that I would describe as "Disney" friendly, including one from Disney's Coco Movie.  Most have flowers in their hair as well.
Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 3.53_edited.jpg

In these first versions, I've removed the other decorative motifs so we can focus on mouth options.

Version 2 A
Guapa's Mexican Grill 2a-02.png
Version 2 B
Guapa's Mexican Grill 2a-02.png
Version 2 C
Guapa's Mexican Grill 2a-02.png
Version 2D
Guapa's Mexican Grill 2a-02.png
Version 2E
Guapa's Mexican Grill 2a-02.png
Here are the same versions with some decorative motifs applied, mainly to illustrate that the end result will look more balanced (no gaping blank forehead space). If any of these motifs appeal to you, please mention them by number in your feedback.  Same if there are any motifs you don't like or don't want to see again.
Guapa's Mexican Grill 2 with decorations-01.png





C 2


10/06/21 - First Looks
Notes from Lisa: I began by drawing a skull with similar proportions to the shared emojis, elongating the jaw somewhat. Mapping out the anatomy placement and beginning to play with some "feminine motifs" including a forehead flower similar to the colored illustration shared.

Version 1.0 A

Black and white concept

(this would likely have color added)
Guapa's Mexican Grill sketch-01.jpg
Guapa's Mexican Grill sketch-01.jpg
Version 1.0 B

One color = white
How it may look as window film
(like current truffle logo on glass)
Below is a peek at some of what is currently on my illustrator workspace
(in case another option being explored catches your eye)
Guapa's Mexican Grill workspace.jpg
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